Of Skin and Bicycles!

As our calendars fill up with back-to-school events and fantasy football drafts, please save time for two special events sponsored by The Village Doctor! First, on September 13th, our 12th annual Stanford/ TVD Skin Screening event will be held here at The Village Doctor. Again, a hard to beat combination of wine, cheese, good company,…. read more

Two Year Old Sleep Regression

This month we are excited to share a post from a guest contributor, Sarah Mitchell. She is the owner of Helping Babies Sleep, a pediatric sleep consulting company that empowers tired parents to teach their babies and toddlers to sleep by educating parents about their child’s age appropriate sleep needs and sleep training options. She…. read more

Open Enrollment

We’re entering Open Enrollment season for health insurance! As you’re probably aware, both employer-sponsored and individual plans have open enrollment windows. Open enrollment is the time during which individuals and employees can add or make changes to their existing coverage, or drop it altogether. It can last anywhere from a few weeks to longer than…. read more

Three Generations of Excellent Dentistry

Congratulations to Dr. Ryan Starr, who joins his Dad, Dr. Jeffrey Starr, who runs the family dental practice on Middlefield Road, in Palo Alto. I should add that Dr. Jeffrey Starr joined HIS Dad, Dr. James Starr, in the same dental practice back in 1990. From one Dad to the Starr Dads, congratulations to you…. read more

Chi Nei Tsang

Have you ever gotten your stomach massaged? If you have, you would definitely remember, because it hurts. Usually the response I get from my clients is, “I had no idea how tense I was in there!” Some people hate it, and some people, including myself, are amazed at how well it brings everything together at…. read more

Calling 911 from a Mobile Phone

In this day of handheld computing power and the ubiquitous “smart phone”, it is worth remembering that our “911” emergency response system was built around the old fashioned “landline”, and as such calling 911 from your cell phone may not go as planned. Here are some tips to be mindful of, so emergent help can…. read more