Exercise in Pregnancy? Yes!

The Village Doctor is delighted to introduce our colleague and guest author, Dr. Justin Thompson, who is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, along with Drs. Zena Kharsa and Jags Powar, at the Stanford Women’s Health clinic. Please read more about Dr. Thompson and his practice here. “As an Obstetrician and avid cyclist, I am very passionate…. read more

Valpo Fun Run, Battle of the Bands, Woodside Cottage for Rent

Valpo Fun Run The Village Doctor was again a proud supporter of this year’s sixth annual Valpo Fun Run, a 5k community run through the streets of Atherton, all as a fundraiser for the Peninsula Bridge Program which transforms the lives of highly motivated, low income students by preparing and supporting them for success in…. read more


“Prevention” is the theme this month, with two topics to bring to your attention. The first is your Flu Shot. Simply said, get one! The second revolves around football, facial hair, and Men’s Health. Four years ago both of my boys played football at Sacred Heart Prep and we were having quite a season. What…. read more

Acupuncture for Anxious Minds

Acupuncture is great for relaxing the body and easing one’s aches and pains, but the benefits of acupuncture go beyond the body. The role of acupuncture is to balance and calm the mind and spirit as well as the body. You cannot have a well body with a distressed spirit or an over-stressed mind. Healthy…. read more

Keep Your Kids in the Game!

Within the next couple of weeks, fall sports will wrap up and winter teams will head right into games, matches and meets! Participating in sports at any level promotes the physical and emotional well-being of children, so the last thing we want is for a young athlete to be sidelined with an injury, especially one…. read more

Contacting TVD over the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, keep in mind the best way to reach The Village Doctor when we’re closed is to simply call the office. Emails to your doctor are fine as long as your question/concern can wait up to a day (although often you will get a response before then.) However whenever the doctors are…. read more