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Woodside, CA – The Village Doctor®, a retainer medical practice offering family-centered healthcare, today announced a collaboration with Navigenics, a privately held personalized genetic health services company based in Redwood Shores, California.  The Village Doctor® becomes one of the first medical practices in the nation to offer the Navigenics™ Health Compass, a new service that combines a genetic risk assessment with the latest discoveries in genetic medicine and personalized genetic counseling.  The service gives individuals information on their risks of developing any of a variety of common conditions, so that with their physicians, they can obtain earlier diagnosis, delay onset or prevent the conditions altogether.  The Village Doctor® physicians, Eric L. Weiss, MD, Raquel E. Burgos, MD, Prerana R. Sangani, MD and F. Marland Chancellor, III, MD, will be offering Navigenics™ Health Compass to their adult patients. 

“I truly believe this is where medicine is going. This is going to be another tool just like a stethoscope for a physician, and will allow us to really focus on how to deliver healthcare in a more personalized manner,” said Dr. Weiss, CEO and Founder of The Village Doctor®.  "My partners and I are committed to providing our patients with this cutting-edge information and technology.  We’re excited about incorporating the Navigenics Health Compass into our practice.”

Navigenics is also committed to working within and improving current medical practice. As part of that commitment, Navigenics has teamed with physicians, bioethicists and genetic counselors to create a service that is clinically relevant and can be integrated into medical practice. "Our medical successors will view these years as the beginning of a fundamental paradigm shift from reactive to predictive medicine. Our medical center partners, as well as physicians like Dr. Weiss, are leaders in making preventive genomic medicine a reality for patients," said Navigenics Chief Medical Officer Vance Vanier, M.D. The Navigenics™ Health Compass provides a specifically tailored physician-ready medical report on a member’s DNA results so that members may work with their physicians on a personal health plan.

“Navigenics’ mission is to improve health outcomes by informing people of their genetic risks and motivating them to take action,” said Mari Baker, president and CEO of Navigenics. “The Navigenics Health Compass is a tool that individuals and their physicians can use to develop a more focused, personalized health plan and manage disease pre-symptomatically to delay or prevent onset or complications.”

About Navigenics

Navigenics is a privately held company based in Redwood Shores, California. The company was founded by David Agus, M.D. and Dietrich Stephan, Ph.D., with the goal of improving health outcomes in individuals across the population. Navigenics educates and empowers customers with knowledge of their genetic predispositions, motivating them to act on the information to prevent the onset of disease, achieve earlier diagnosis, appropriately manage disease, or otherwise lessen its impact. Navigenics’ lead investors are Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Sequoia Capital, and MDV-Mohr Davidow Ventures. More information is found at

About The Village Doctor
The Village Doctor® physicians offer full-family healthcare, utilizing a concierge model that permits detailed visits without the time pressures of typical medical practices, and focuses on developing a deeply personalized wellness program for each patient.  No stranger to firsts, The Village Doctor® established the nation’s first pediatric concierge practice when it opened its doors in 2004.  Pediatric adult primary care services offered at The Village Doctor® include same-day appointments (including phone consults and house calls); comprehensive annual Wellness exams; a Newborn Program with home visits only for a baby’s first 3 months; preventive care programs (of which the Navigenics™ Health Compass is a part); 24-hour immediate medical coverage by the physicians, including mobile phone access; active coordination of testing, specialist consultations, and Emergency Department visits; travel medicine services; Sports Medicine expertise; and condition-specific research to ensure that patients are provided with the very best that medical science has to offer.  The Village Doctor® is currently accepting new pediatric and adult patients; for more information, visit or call the office at (650) 851-4747.

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